Berkley Risk Captives provides:

  • A+ Paper
  • Competitive Expense Ratio
  • Creative Program Design
    • Quota Share
    • Excess of Loss
    • Other, what do you need?
  • Negotiable Credit Terms
  • Flexible Claims Handling
  • Classes of Business
    • Homogeneous
    • Heterogeneous
    • Stickiness of Book

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What We Need to Get Started

A Group with "stickiness"

Tougher Risks
Unique Coverages
Financial Interest


A pro forma or 1 to 10 years of data on an existing captive or group of business.

5-10 years of exposures and losses.

Collateral Source


Get Started

We support new and existing captives that are in the need for A+ carrier paper and want a partner to pass some of the risk to.  These can be:

Agency Owned | Group Association | Other (we want to hear your ideas)